Shared Measurement System A set of indicators that shine a light on some of the key issues in Lambeth (London)

We have known for a long time that throughout life and on most issues Black people have worse outcomes than White people. If we are going to realise our vision so that thriving becomes the norm for Black people in Lambeth, we need to have a good understanding of where we are now and how far we have to go. 

All the organisations and community representatives that make up the Black Thrive Partnership have come up with a set of indicators that shine a light on what some of the key issues are.  We call this our shared measurement system (SMS).

We want to place the voices, hopes and aspirations of Black communities at the centre of how we understand these issues and how we tackle them and so we welcome feedback from the people affected. This is a journey for us and only with help from communities can we reach the right destination.

Here are some of our findings from our exploration of the data available:

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