What Is Iata Standard Ground Handling Agreement

Standard Groundhandling Agreement – SIMPLIFIED PROCEDURE distinct and distinct from the conduct of its groundhandling operations. Ground Handler Operating Agreement – October 4 -30, 2017 PrimeFlight Aviation Services, Inc. d/b/a PrimeFlight of DE, Inc. 1 IATA Airport Handling Manual AHM 810, January 2013 STANDARD GROUND HANDLING AGREEMENT (SGHA) between: and: The agreement includes: MAIN AGREEMENT, and as required, It is not deemed necessary or possible to specify every detail of the Services, who generally understand what these services include and what standards in their performance. 5.8 The Parties agree on the quality standards for each service provided, including those covered by the Sub-Article. In the event that the airline operates a ferry flight (directly) or vice versa, there is a 50% reduction in the price of ground handling. 2. Filling tanks (water standard as defined in Annex B) Personnel handling the carrier`s product shall be trained according to their position on the following matters: the handling company shall, under its sole and exclusive responsibility, comply with and enforce the National Aviation Security Programme (NASP) provided by the competent local civil aviation authority or the local airport security authority where the service is provided, is imposed. and all aviation security standards applied to it.

Preferred luggage is always unloaded from the plane first. In the event that the handling company is unable to perform the aforementioned task due to incorrect loading of the arrival flight, the carrier must be informed of this irregularity. Baggage that is given priority on departure is loaded so that it can first be unloaded at the final destination. This Service Level Agreement (SLA) documents the agreed provision of services for the provision of aeronautical information. It establishes an agreed standard against which performance can be measured. It identifies customer expectations, defines the limits of service. • ICAO Annex 5 “Units of measurement for use in air and soil. The handling company must ensure that its employees and vehicles are pre-authorized before performing an operational security function and that they are in possession of a valid airport ID issued by the local airport authority or designated government agency before any contract or agreement is formally documented. If there are costs or charges for issuing the airport identity card, these costs and expenses shall be borne exclusively by the mandated external service provider. The bankruptcy of an airline can also have deeper implications. For example, the UK CAA suspended Monarch Airlines` AOC when it declared bankruptcy in October 2017, forcing it to cease operations with immediate effect.

They no longer needed groundhandling services. on behalf of carrier items, including but not limited to invoices, delivery orders, handling expense reports, work orders TRUCK SERVICE means a service performed by truck on behalf of an airline carrying cargo documented in accordance with applicable IATA and/or ICAO rules, regulations and procedures. In the Main Agreement and in Appendix A, the terms “aircraft” mean “truck” and “theft” means “truck service” when it comes to the handling of a truck as defined above. In the event of damage to the aircraft during ground operations, the handling company is required to immediately inform the station master and send a written report to the carrier within 24 hours of the incident. 5.7 The Handling Company shall immediately inform the Carrier`s representative of any loss or damage detected during handling or otherwise brought to the attention of the Handling Company. In practice, however, it is difficult to imagine unless an airline has sufficient resources (such as ground support personnel and equipment) ready to follow in the footsteps of an established handler. Most airlines are leaner and thinner. The day-to-day risks associated with ground operations can be significant and diverse. Soil damage can occur in several ways; From collisions with other aircraft or vehicles in and around the airport to the “hangar rash” caused when the aircraft was towed out of the hangar. 5.5 The Carrier must provide the Handling Company with sufficient information and instructions for the Handling Company to carry out its handling correctly. The Company`s groundhandling activities and all activities reasonably necessary for such operations in the service of air carriers that have an ongoing use and lease agreement between the airline and the airport (hereinafter, you may assume that the convicted party should be responsible for these costs and bear the associated insurance burden.

In reality, however, many groundhandling agreements significantly limit the liability of the party providing the ground services. The training provisions of the new clause 5.6 set out at least the awareness of material handlers to the rules and regulations and refer to IATA documents in clause 5.3. In the absence of instructions from the Carrier, the Handling Company will follow its own standard practices and procedures, provided that they comply with the applicable IATA and/or ICAO rules, regulations and procedures and/or other applicable rules, regulations and procedures. GHA ground handling equipment. Here are the only 2 punctuation marks that are acceptable according to the IATA standard:. e-AWB handling procedure for the freight forwarder. For the services listed in paragraph 1.1 of this Agreement, the following rates will be calculated as follows, plus all applicable airport taxes and charges Many changes are editorial only and will modify sgHA 2013. However, some changes are significant and focus on operational practices, improved standards, training, bankruptcy, claims, and compliance in general. We briefly reviewed the main changes to the main agreement and Appendix B and looked at what they could mean for users.

In the event of a delay in the departure of more than 15 minutes from STD or ETD caused by a service failure by the handling agent, the carrier will grant a discount on the total flight processing rate in accordance with the following table: 8.1.5 Provision of personnel to assist the flight crew or ground personnel in the performance of their duties. 15.1 The Main Agreements, Annex A, Annex B, its terms and conditions and any information it receives from the Carrier in connection with this Contract or its performance are confidential. The Parties and their employees, officers, directors, agents and consultants will not otherwise disclose such information to third parties, except as required by law or as agreed to in writing by the Parties. Violation of this provision entitles the non-infringing party to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect. The parties will comply with applicable data protection laws. As far as possible, the IATA Model Groundhandling Agreement (SGHA) should be used as a contractual instrument, as a basis provided for in the contract and adapted to the requirements of the aircraft operator. Article 8 is not set in stone and can be negotiated by both parties. Admittedly, this is not always easy, especially since the nature of business travel can mean the use of remote and smaller airports where there may be no choice, and ground handlers and operators may be forced to accept the submitted agreement. 8.3 It is understood that the signature of the ground engineer of the transferring company in the technical protocol of the carrier`s aircraft certifies only the proper execution of routine checks and the correction of flight and/or ground deviations as part of the checks carried out. The handling company assumes no responsibility for the airworthiness of the airline`s aircraft.

2.1.7 Inform the Carrier of any irregularities detected in the handling of passengers and baggage. 3.7.2 Perform an external visual safety/ground damage inspection of the means of communication between the ground station and the carrier`s aircraft. .