What We Do We work collectively, collaborating with organisations, people and projects to improve outcomes for all Black communities in Lambeth.

Our Projects

‘We’ve learned that quiet isn’t always peace, and the norms and notions of what “just” is, isn’t always justice.’

– Amanda Gorman, Poet and Activist

Our Research

We increase the visibility and amplify the voices of Black Lambeth communities to increase understanding of how structural factors shape outcomes. Through strategic partnerships, we create quality research and evidence bases to influence policy and practice in the borough.

Racial and ethnic health disparities in healthcare settings.

Covid-19 and Co-production in Health and Social Care ….

An equitable recovery from COVID-19
Insights from Lambeth.

Black Thrive Lambeth COVID-19
Survey Analysis

Employment Support for Black People with Long-term Conditions

“…I never once believed what they wanted us to believe – that we as black people are inferior to whites…”

– Darcus Howe, Journalist, Activist and Publisher

Employment Support for Black People with Long-Term Health Conditions: A Systematic
Narrative Review of UK Studies

Lambeth Young Black Mental Health & Wellbeing: A Co-production Project



Black Thrive Lambeth’s Employment Research: Cover Report 


No Wrong Door: A study of Employment Support Providers in Lambeth Cover Report