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What We Do


"Your silence won’t protect you."

Audre Lorde

Writer and Activist

Our Ambition

At the centre of Black Thrive Lambeth, we amplify and embed the voices of our community to drive meaningful change, facilitate partnerships with key system players, to redress the imbalance of power and inequality felt by Black Lambeth communities, so that Black people thriving is the norm.

Lambeth has a rich history of queer culture, communities and activism that continues to thrive today. However, Black queer communities in Lambeth still struggle to access appropriate services and support that meets their needs and are often systematically excluded from service design and evaluation, as well as research. Our LGBTQIA+ work cuts across all our projects, ensuring that we apply an intersectional and anti-oppression lens throughout. 

What We Are Doing

Although the work that we do is inherently intersectional we recognise the need for a dedicated programme to investigate the needs of our Lambeth LGBTQ+ community.

Black, Queer & Thriving has been created to highlight the mental health and wellbeing needs of Black LGBTQ+ people in Lambeth

We are keen to understand what we can learn from Black LGBTQ+ community members who have thrived despite the challenges they have experienced. We believe that triangulating this intelligence with data, lived experience of long-term health conditions/staying well, and learning from interventions that have worked, will enable the Black Thrive partnership to better understand how to respond to the needs of Black LGBTQ+ communities.

The Black LGBTQ+ Working Group provides a key role in engaging with local people and exploring unheard needs. It comprises of Lambeth-based Black LGBTQ+ individuals, (diverse in age range, gender, and sexual orientation) who have mobilised to influence systems and identify solutions to prevent and slow down the onset and or progression of long-term illnesses for Black LGBTQ+ communities.

Black Thrive will be hosting several community events centring the voices and unmet needs of Black LGBTQ+ people in Lambeth. The events have been co-produced with the Black LGBTQ+ Working Group. Events taken place so far include Black Queer Joy: Choosing Truth and Pride in the Park, the latter in collaboration with Lambeth Links and the Myatt’s Fields Park Project.

This project will co-create Black-led academic and peer research to provide insights into how systemic factors shape health and wellbeing and experiences for Black LGBTQ communities. These insights will be used to influence policy and practice to prevent or slow down the onset of one or more long term conditions.