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What We Do


"Without community, there is no liberation."

Audre Lorde

Writer, Feminist, Activist

Our Ambition

At the centre of Black Thrive Lambeth, we amplify and embed the voices of Black communities to drive meaningful change. We facilitate partnerships with key system players, to redress the imbalance of power and inequality felt by Black Lambeth communities, so that Black people thriving is the norm. For over 70 years Lambeth has been home to the UK’s biggest Black community, with people of African and Caribbean origin past and present making valuable and sustained contributions to the cultural and economic life of the borough. Despite these successes, Lambeth continues to be a borough faced with growing socio-economic inequality which disproportionately affects Black African and Caribbean people. We know that these inequalities have detrimental effects on the mental health and wellbeing of our communities. So, we hope to address these by building with and for our many communities in ways that inspire hope of better future for Black people. We hope to:
  • Stimulate community activism and build a movement for change at every level of the system
  • Empower and equip Black Lambeth residents with the resources, knowledge, and spaces to support their mental health and wellbeing and effectively self-advocate
  • Build solidarity within and between the wide spectrum of Black communities in Lambeth
  • Co-produce and co-design lasting community empowerment frameworks to dismantle systemic racism
  • Increase capacity and capability of Black-led organisations to effect systems change

What We Are Doing

We want to create meaningful connections between Black-led organisations within Lambeth to diffuse power, resource, and knowledge throughout the borough. We hope to facilitate knowledge and skill sharing between organisations to create a system of interdependence, rather than competition for resources in Lambeth. Leaning into a culture of collaboration challenges the highly individualistic system of resource allocation in favour of communal uplift. We hope that by providing practical support to Black-led organisations in Lambeth we can stimulate community activism and build a movement for change. If you would like to be a part of this movement for change, get in touch with us. Another way we are doing this is through our Black Queer & Thriving programme.
We will be providing Black Lambeth residents the opportunity to heal from anti-Black racism in community. We are working to ensure that the curation of these Black-led healing spaces is evidence-informed and culturally grounded. Our hope is that as our communities find respite, they will be able to fully engage with the tools of change. One of the tools, that Black Thrive Lambeth facilitates is our 8-week EECS programme. African-centred peer support groups in Lambeth. Find out more about our work here.
Like our Healing Spaces, Black Thrive is working with our local Lambeth community to foster Black Joy programme will be aimed at community empowerment and collective healing. We hope to be able to provide space for Black Lambeth residents to develop tools to aid their well-being and to inspire a sense of agency and self-determination. Movement based practices, such as yoga and dance, creative and up-skilling/networking workshops will form the basis of the programme. We believe that Black Joy is a mechanism and a tool of resistance, against systems of anti-Black oppression. We believe that when we can rest and recover our communities are able to have space and capacity to reimagine a future where we all thrive.

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"It is in collectivities that we find reservoirs of hope and optimism."

Angela Davis

activist, educator, author

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