What We Do We work collectively, collaborating with organisations, people and projects to improve outcomes for all Black communities in Lambeth.

Our Projects

  • Children, Young People and Families
  • Working Age Adults
  • Older Adults

We work strategically and collaboratively to improve outcomes for Black children, young people and families in Lambeth. Our aim is for Black children and young people in the borough to be as likely to achieve positive life outcomes as their white counterparts. Our work therefore includes focusing on:

  • child poverty levels
  • early years development
  • academic attainment
  • risk of school exclusion
  • youth offending
  • Looked After Children
  • Young People not in education, employment or training (NEET) 
  • children and young people’s mental health  

Roughly 40% of working age adults in Lambeth identify as Black. However, Black Working Age Adults suffer worse outcomes compared to their white counterparts with regards to their health and wellbeing. We believe this is due to systemic failures. We work therefore to improve systems across three areas:

Reducing exposure to factors that increase risk of poor health and wellbeing in black populations in Lambeth such as poor housing, poor physical health, unemployment, poor quality employment and financial insecurity.

Creating coherent systems of support available to Black residents across the borough.

Ensuring that services in Lambeth are culturally appropriate and that Black people and their families experience empathy and feel safe, supported, listened to and empowered when using services.


Evidence shows that due to an accumulation of disadvantages built up over the life course, older Black people are much less likely to have a good quality of life compared to their white counterparts across key areas such as financial security, housing, transport, physical and mental health (including dementia).   

We work with older Black communities and system players in Lambeth to improve the lives and reducing inequalities for Black people who have reached state pension age and have chosen to retire.  


Lambeth has a rich history of queer culture, communities and activism that continues to thrive today. However, Black queer communities in Lambeth still struggle to access appropriate services and support that meets their needs and are often systematically excluded from service design and evaluation, as well as research. Our LGBTQIA+ work cuts across all of our projects, ensuring that we apply an intersectional and anti-oppression lens throughout.  

‘We’ve learned that quiet isn’t always peace, and the norms and notions of what “just” is, isn’t always justice.’

– Amanda Gorman, Poet and Activist

Our Research

We increase the visibility and amplify the voices of Black Lambeth communities to increase understanding of how structural factors shape outcomes. Through strategic partnerships, we create quality research and evidence bases to influence policy and practice in the borough.

Racial and ethnic health disparities in healthcare settings.

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“…I never once believed what they wanted us to believe – that we as black people are inferior to whites…”

– Darcus Howe, Journalist, Activist and Publisher